We get calls all the time from customer asking why is my tile bathroom floor cracking and can you fix it?  Well the second question is easy, almost anything can be fixed.  The first question about why is my tile floor cracking is a bit more difficult.

Bathroom Renovation Services Arvada ColoradoTile floors crack for a number of reason but most often the problem is that the tile was installed directly over the plywood sub-floor, with no underlayment. Plywood subfloors will flex and that is a problem for the tile floor above. If there is no underlayment between the subfloor and the tile then the tile floor can flex.  That’s when the grout in-between the tiles begins to separate and come out. Once this begins to happen it will continue. The correct remedy is to remove all the tile and put done an underlayment, a layer of a harder, more ridged material, made for the application, for the new tile to rest on. This product must also be installed correctly in order to end up with a long lasting durable tile flooring installation.

There are many products made specifically for the purpose. There are videos on line to show you how to do a proper tile floor installation but unless you are at about an 8 on the handy scale we would recommend that this is one project where you may be better off bringing in the pros.

We have crews out every day installing tile floors and repairing tile floors. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free quote for repairing your tile floor or for installing a new tile floor for you.

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