So your home needs a little updating does it?  In fact most rooms need to be updated and you don’t know where to start.

First, we see a difference between updating and remodeling.  Although a remodeled bathroom is certainly an updated bathroom, updating can just be a coat of paint and perhaps some new, more modern trim.

A bathroom updating could just be a new vanity, sink and faucet and a paint job, maybe a new shower curtain.  How about a new light fixture?  Now your bathroom looks a whole lot cooler.  And we are talking a few hundred dollars in updating costs as opposed to a few thousand for  bathroom remodel.

A kitchen remodel can be very expensive but it can be easily updated with new counter tops.  Include some cabinet paint and you have a new look to your kitchen.

New sink, vanity and mirror.

New sink, vanity and mirror.

Crown molding can give any room in your house a fresh new look.  Some new interior doors in any room, gives it a great new look.

In fact the combination of new interior doors and a coat of paint are the biggest updates you can make at the lowest costs.

You can have a nice new look in your home without the expense of a full on remodel with some selective updateing.

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