DSC01428The “experts” spend a lot of time trying to figure out how many of your remodeling dollars will be returned to you when you sell your home, on a room by room basis. They have even put a percentage of return on the various rooms in your home.

It is common sense that the newer and nicer your home looks the more money it should fetch on the market.  We have been in the home repair and remodeling business, and the real estate business for many years and cannot understand how it is possible to determine that you will get back 89% of the remodeling dollars that you spend remodeling your kitchen when you sell your home.

Since the kitchen is the most important room in the house, when it comes to selling, it follows that you would receive the best return upon sale by doing a kitchen remodel. Putting the figure at 89%  or any % of your investment is a stretch, in our opinion.

There are just too many factors involved in pricing a house for sale to be able to put a dollar figure on how much you will get back.  If you over remodel your kitchen you may not get 25% of your investment back. If the neighbors house looks bad, that will affect how much your home sells for.

Our suggestion is, unless you are in the fix and flip business, that you remodel the rooms that will give you the most enjoyment.  If you would love a nice soaker tub in your bathroom then do a bathroom remodel. Perhaps the room that you spend the most time in could use a nice new interior painting and maybe even some crown molding to rely make it pop.

Don’t wait until you are thinking about selling to do your home improvements, do them now and enjoy them.

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