Where do I start with Springtime Home Repairs?

Happy Spring! So many of us are housebound during this difficult time, but there may be a silver lining as far as your home is concerned. With the constant bustle-and-go on hold, many us of may finally have time we crave to catch up on some much-needed home improvement and maintenance projects.

Please read below for some simple tasks that can help prevent needing more serious home repair services down the line. For home projects that you’re unable to do (or that you just don’t want to do) give Handyman Hub a call at 303-427-2955 or reach out to us online! Our handymen are experienced with home maintenance and repair, bathroom remodeling, and other general contractor services.

Our handymen offer exemplary residential repair and remodeling services in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins areas. Our full list of home improvement and repair services are also available in Salt Lake City, UT and San Antonio, TX.


Spring Maintenance Checklist

✔ Use a notebook, laptop, or tablet to start a home maintenance file. Keep a running list of home improvement tasks, house repairs, and any other maintenance tasks. After you complete a task, note the completion date next to each item in your list. You can use this list as your to-do list for the Spring and also keep it with your records so you can reference it later.

✔ Organize tools and yard equipment in garage. This will help get rid of accumulated winter debris and allow efficiency when accessing items.

handyman providing home repair in Colorado Springs

✔ Tune up bicycles and other outdoor equipment to ensure safety and usability.

✔ Inspect and sharpen lawn and garden tools to ensure safety and to prevent unwanted repairs and down-time.

✔ Prune trees, bushes, and shrubs to keep stray branches off walkways, driveways and off your home’s roof and siding. Preventing tree branches and shrubbery from touching your house could help you to avoid pricey repairs down the line.

✔ Check central air to ensure it’s in good working order for when you need it. Make sure the temperature outside is above 60° F before you turn on your AC system, as using it in low temperatures can cause air conditioner damage. Clean or replace the AC air filter for optimal efficiency.

✔ Inspect attic for proper ventilation so cooling systems can work more efficiently. Open vents as appropriate and check for signs of pests and animal nests. Handling pest control as early as possible can help avoid more serious pest issues.

✔ Make sure window screens and foundation vents or grilles are intact to help keep pests out.

✔ Ensure smoke alarms are in safe, working order. Most states require that you also have a carbon monoxide alarm or use combination smoke alarms. It is important to test each smoke alarm in your home on a regular basis and to keep the batteries fresh. Choose a day every year that is easy to remember to change your smoke alarm batteries. You can also set a yearly reminder on your cell phone or digital calendar.

✔ For wood decks, fences, and gates, checking these and making small repairs now will help ensure safety and prevent more serious repairs throughout the season. Nail in loose boards, hammer popped nails, tighten loose posts, reset gate latches, refinish with paint or wood stain, and check for signs of decay and termites in any wooden structures that are close to soil. Maintaining these items will allow for a longer usage and will reduce repair bills.

✔ Check for cracks and holes in siding and paint. Repairing imperfections with by caulking or touching up the paint as necessary will help ensure your exterior paint lasts as long as possible.

✔ Repair cracks in concrete patios and driveways to prevent erosion from occurring below the surface. For crack smaller than ¼ inch wide, you can repair these by applying concrete caulk. Simply clean the crack out with a high-pressure hose nozzle, let it dry, and then apply the caulk into the crack. For larger cracks, substitute a concrete patch for caulk.

✔ Call Handyman Hub to hire one of our professional handyman contractors for projects around your house and yard. We service the Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins metro areas. We also have home handyman sanding wood in Fort Collins, COimprovement contractors available for handyman services in Salt Lake City, UT and San Antonio, TX. From re-staining your deck to installing garage shelving and more, contact us today to set an appointment for your FREE estimate. 303-427-2955

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