Handyman Hub on Fall & Injury Prevention

A great deal of our clients at Handyman Hub are elderly adults. While many will call on a handyman to do larger home improvement tasks, we know that our clients love taking care of their homes and often enjoy completing smaller projects independently.

Spring is a common time for home maintenance. The weather is nice for outdoor work, roofs are free of snow and leaves, and windows can be opened to help clear out winter dust and debris indoors. Handyman Hub encourages our clients who enjoy completing their own home projects. However, we want to stress that safety is a primary concern.

Every 13 seconds, an older adult visits the emergency room for a fall-related injury, but many falls can be prevented! Use these tips below to stay safe during Springtime Maintenance this year!

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5 Simple Safety Steps to Help Prevent Falls

1. Do a home safety check and make small updates where necessary.

Ensure your home is well lit and free of clutter in high traffic areas. Install railings on stairs and balance bars in the bathroom, shower, and other slippery or uneven areas.

2. Build balance, strength and flexibility through daily exercise and stretching.

Daily exercise as well as stretching before climbing ladders can be a significant factor in helping to prevent falls. Contact your local Rec Center or Area Agency for Aging to find referrals on group classes for guided exercise!

3. Talk with your doctor.

Let your health care professional know if you’re planning on doing home improvement projects this Spring. Share history of recent falls and ask for a fall risk assessment. Ask about medications and whether any of your prescriptions might increase the likelihood of you falling. Some common prescription side-effects to ask about include dizziness or drowsiness.

4. Good senses are the key to good safety!

Ensure that your senses are as keen as possible by getting your vision and hearing checked annually. Renew or update your eyeglass prescription each year.

handyman practicing ladder safety in Colorado Springs, CO5. Seek support from family and friends.

Falls are not just an issue for older people! Children and healthy adults are at risk of falling as well. Talk to your family and loved ones about your plans for home maintenance and make sure they are also taking safety measures to prevent falls and other injuries.

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