When we are interviewing potential craftsmen to work with Handyman Hub in our home repair and remodeling business we ask them a lot of questions and we listen carefully to their responses.  One of those questions is how are you at interior painting?

If their answer is something like “painting is easy, anybody can paint”, we know the craftsman is not a painter. A real painter does not say it’s easy, anyone can do it.  Of course anyone can put paint on the walls but how will it look when it’s done?

With painting it is all in the preparation.  On many painting projects our craftsmen Home Remodeling Services in Denverspend as much or more time on the preparation than on the actual painting  itself.

In order to have a professional looking paint project the wall and ceiling surfaces, the moldings and trims must all be properly sanded, filled, caulked, primed and masked before any paint can be applied.

Yes interior painting, as well as many home repair and remodeling projects are easy, if you know how to do them.

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