So you’ve decided to renovate your home, and there are a ton of questions that need to be answered. Most homeowners immediately gravitate towards the fun questions, focusing on decisions about tile styles, countertop types, colors, and accessories. Yes, these decisions all need to be made. But not until you choose which Denver-area remodeling contractor you are going to hire to help plan and complete the job. This is literally the most important decision you will make in the entire home remodeling process. And no matter how highly recommended a remodeler is, you should never hire one before asking these vital questions:

Have you done a job like mine in the past? Everyone needs to get their start somewhere, but you certainly don’t want your bathroom renovation, tile installation, or tub-to-shower conversion to be the first one that your remodeling contractor has ever done. That’s why you must discuss your contractor’s history with them, even requesting to speak with a handful of references that they’ve worked with in the past. Handyman Hub will give you a list of 50-60 homeowners, that they have done work for, with names and phone numbers that you are welcome to call. Nowadays, they should even be able to show you some before and after pictures of jobs that have some similarities to yours so you can see exactly what their work looks like.

Do you offer a warranty on your work? Home remodeling jobs are by no means simple. Sometimes, even the most experienced contractor can make a mistake that might not be immediately noticeable. Ask your contractor about any warranties they offer to avoid being stuck in an untenable situation where you think something is their responsibility, but they claim it isn’t. One year is a pretty good length for a warranty, and you should make sure to get it in writing before signing any contract.

Are you appropriately licensed and insured? When you first speak to any home improvement services company in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or anywhere else, you should start your conversation by asking if they are appropriately licensed and insured (liability and worker’s compensation insurance). If they try to tell you they don’t need either of these things, they are not reputable, and you should move on to another company. Some projects require permits to be pulled and some do not. A reputable contractor can discuss these requirements with you.

How long will my project take? Obviously, having work done inside your home is an inconvenience. But if you have an accurate timeframe up front, and can plan for it, that will make your life much easier. In some cases, the timeframe may be difficult to predict, since different products may take different amounts of time to order and have delivered. Because of this, it often makes sense to delay the start of your job so it can all be completed within a short window. But as the homeowner, you may prefer to have your job begin as soon as possible, even if there will be delays along the way. It can be done either way. Just make sure you discuss this with your remodeling contractor up front so you can each understand what the other is expecting.
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If you’d like to speak with a remodeling contractor who would be happy to answer these questions for you, please contact the professionals at Handyman Hub. You can reach them at (303) 427-2955, or click here to fill out their online contact form.