Our Handyman Hub craftsman went to a customers home last week and was greeted on the way up the driveway by another “craftsman” leaving the home.  The other guy said to our craftsman “no need to crawl under the house the joists under the bathroom are rotted and need to be replaced”.Bandit

Our Handyman Hub craftsman went to the door and introduced himself.  The homeowner was interested in a bathroom remodel and took him to the bathroom and showed him where her toilet had been leaking for sometime. The subfloor under the linoleum was soft and defiantly needed to be replaced. She wanted to install tile as her final floor.

However when our craftsman went under the house to inspect the floor joist for damage, there was none visible. Needless to say the homeowner was surprised and also happy to hear that her floor joist beneath the bathroom floor did not need to be replaced as she was told by the other craftsman.

Needless to say the Handyman Hub estimate for the homeowners bathroom remodel was a lot less than the dishonest craftsman’s estimate for her bathroom remodel.

Whether you are looking to have your bathroom or kitchen remodeled, your fence repaired or paint the interior of your home you should make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.  After all you will be inviting these guys into your home.

What should you look for?  A company that:

  • Is listed with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Offers numerous local customer references
  • Can prove they have Liability Insurance that is current
  • Offers a written Guarantee
  • Is properly licensed
  • Has more than just a cell phone as a point of contact*

With the September storms many “travelers” have come to our area to make some money in the home repair and remodeling business.  *They get a cell phone with a 303 or 720 exchange so they “look local’ while they are staying in a motel.  Handyman Hub has received literally dozens of calls from these guys looking for work.

We also, unfortunately, get calls from homeowners who have given “craftsmen” money to  demo a project and to pick up the new materials for the project only to never hear from the guy again.

We recommend that you deal with a real company that has roots in our community and can provide you with the information you deem necessary to make a good and safe decision before you give anyone money for your home repairs or remodeling projects.

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