Of all the renovations that people do to their Colorado homes, kitchen remodeling is the most popular. This makes sense, because the kitchen is widely considered the heart of the home. It is used every day, literally providing the food that keeps your family happy and healthy. It is also one of the most important rooms in the home when you’re considering resale value. For these reasons, it might be time to consider having your kitchen remodeled and modernized.

One of the negatives about kitchen remodeling is that is can be a bit expensive. New flooring. New cabinets. New appliances. New countertops. These things can all add up. But there are ways to keep the costs from skyrocketing if you find the right Denver kitchen remodeling contractor that has experience and expertise doing kitchen remodeling on a tight budget. Handyman Hub is that company. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that.

Laminate Flooring

Long gone are the days when laminate flooring was a plain and ugly floor type that you only really saw in commercial buildings. Nowadays, laminate flooring is available in an endless amount of styles, colors, and sizes, giving you a ton of versatility at a fraction of the price of ceramic tile floors. They even make laminate floors that perfectly mimic wood or stone. And to top it all off, they are extremely durable, which is exactly what you need in a room like the kitchen that has water spills and plenty of foot traffic.

Prefab Cabinets or Some new pulls

When your Denver Kitchen remodeling company comes out to give you an estimate, one of the biggest topics of conversation will be your cabinets. New cabinets can sometimes be expensive, but you can definitely save some money if you choose prefab kitchen cabinets (also known as “off-the-rack” kitchen cabinets). Though they are not built specifically for your home, prefab cabinets are available in many styles, colors, and sizes. With just a little searching, you should almost always find something that fits your needs. You also may be surprised how nice a really good cabinet cleaning might look. Add some new knobs and you have new look.

New lighting

By just changing out your lighting fixtures you can vastly improve the look of your old kitchen or bathroom for that matter. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Visit your local hardware store of go on line for some great lighting values. Then give Handyman Hub a call and we can change them out for you.

Designer Plumbing Fixtures

You’d be amazed at how much a new faucet will do for the look and feel of your entire sink and countertop area. They are available in many styles, sizes, and cost levels, so you can really get something that fits your tastes without breaking the bank. You can match it to your existing sink if you are not going to change it, or choose it in combination with your brand new sink if you’re renovating your entire kitchen.

To talk with a Denver contractor who specializes in kitchen remodeling on a tight budget, give us a call today at Handyman Hub a call at (303) 427-2955. You can also fill out our contact form kitchen remodel.