When it comes to home repair and remodeling projects, the one question that is nearly impossible to answer is — how long does it take?

It nearly every case, the answer we must give is always going to be… it depends.

And no one wants to hear that. But we have to because there are so many factors involved! Is it a complete bathroom remodel? Are the plumbing fixtures being moved to new locations (which can add a lot of time to the job)?  Is it large or small bathroom?

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We’ve been renovating bathrooms in the Denver area for many years now and the situation is nearly always different. Some projects are small and require less than a week. While some remodeling projects are huge and can over a month!

The same goes for the cost. It’s hard for any reputable bathroom remodeler to give you a quote (or even a rough guess!) without seeing the room, knowing your plans and ideas, your budget, your timeline…

Your best bet? Talk to a quality bathroom remodeling company and let them take measurements, suggest needed updates, and hear about the types of products and materials (Granite counters? Marble? Tile?) you want to incorporate… then they’ll give you a realistic estimate and tell you how long it will take to complete.

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