This depends on whether the remodeler will be working on your project full time, or not.Hour Glass

Often remodelers will have multiple projects going at the same time. Your remodeler may already have two or three other projects going, so it’s going to take him longer to complete the job than the remodeler who can work full time on it start to finish.

This is something that must be agreed upon before you sign the contract. Also, will the guy you are talking to actually be doing the work or will he be coordinating others doing the work?

It may not matter to you but you should know if he is going to be on the job full time until it is done. Another consideration is the materials.

For example, with a kitchen remodel your new cabinets may take six weeks after ordering to arrive at the job site. Our recommendation is to not begin the demolition on the old kitchen until all the materials for the new kitchen are available.

This will make the project go faster and smoother once it is started.  Remember you will be without the use of much, if not all, of your kitchen during this process.

Even though all possible materials are on hand, your new granite counter tops can’t be ordered until the old cabinets have been removed and the new cabinets are installed. At this point the granite fabricator will come to your home and make a template or pattern of your new counter tops and then fabricate the new countertops.

That process usually takes about a week or so. Then, he comes back to install your new counters. Once the countertops have been installed you can finish up the plumbing and electrical installation in your new kitchen remodel.

So the two primary considerations for how long the project will take are the availability of materials and whether or not your project will be a full time commitment for the remodeler or not.

Generally speaking you can figure a complete bathroom remodel with tile to take between 7 and 10 workdays. A bit longer for larger bathrooms. Kitchens vary widely in size but a complete kitchen remodel is likely going to take 14‑20 workdays once all the materials are on hand.

If you are using in‑stock cabinets and laminate counter-tops that time can be cut in half. This assumes you are replacing materials, in place, and not relocating fixtures or modifying layouts