We get calls asking, “what is your hourly rate?”  Frankly, that’s the wrong question.  The question should be, “how much will it cost me to get my project done?”

Don’t you want to know what your home repair or remodel project will cost before engaging the services of a craftsman?



The fact is that any guy working hourly in this industry can make a 3 or 4 hour job take 6 hours if he wants to and you probably will not know the difference.  If he wants a 20 hour job to take 30 hours he can easily make it take 30 hours. This is commonly referred to as “Time & Materials”, or T&M.

If you are doing a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel the hourly costs can really add up.

His hourly rate really means nothing.  And you will not know how much your project will cost until he is finished.

There is absolutely no incentive for him to get the job done.  In fact the incentive is built in for him to make it last as long as possible.  After all, the longer the job takes the more money he makes. That’s called “milking the job’.

So your $25 or $30 or $40 hourly rate could easily cost you twice that much.

Why not ask him to commit to a price before the job starts? If he gives you a price then you will know what it’s going to cost before it starts and you will not have to be concerned about him taking advantage of you by “milking the job”.

At Handyman Hub we work by the job, not by the hour.  And as a bonus to you we never mark up your materials cost either.

Call us today and let us give you a bid for you home repair or remodeling project @ 303-427-2955


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