With the beginning of each year comes many new trends. Trends in clothing. Trends in technology and gadgets. Trends in fitness and wellness. The same can be said for home remodeling, with new styles and ideas appearing across the landscape every January. If you’re thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, or a whole house remodel this year, you might want to do a little research into these new ideas. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s out there and what might fit your tastes.

One of the main areas for new trends as we begin 2017 is Tile Trends 2017. And since your new tile will last for a long time, you probably want to make sure that you know some of your options before your Denver Boulder bathroom remodeler, Handyman Hub, even gets to your home. You certainly don’t want it to be outdated before it’s even installed! Here are some of the hottest tile trends as we head into 2017:

Faux Wood Tiles

Adding wood to your home has many style advantages, starting with the fact that it makes any room feel much warmer. This look can be great in your kitchen, bathroom, and even bedrooms. But real wood has some downsides, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, where water spills and leaks can cause major problems. That’s where faux wood tiles comes in. They are available in an almost infinite amount of shades and styles, imitating basically any wood you can imagine. But because they’re actually tiles, they will last much longer and give you many less problems than real wood. That’s why they are right up at the top of the 2017 trends list if you’re considering a floor tile installation in Boulder.

Uneven Patterns and Sizes

It used to be that tile flooring installation was all about making the floor look as uniform as possible. Remodeling contractors would take painstaking measurements to make sure everything fit perfectly, creating an even look. Nowadays, they still have to make sure everything fits perfectly… but in an uneven way! That’s because 2017 has brought in the trend of uneven patterns and sizes in floor tiles. This is especially true for millennials, who love the abstract and creative look that choosing and arranging their tiles “randomly” results in. But in reality, these “random” and uneven tile patterns are painstakingly chosen and planned by great tile installation contractors to give off this look.

Tiling Your Walls

It used to be that tiles were only used on the floors, in the shower, and maybe on the kitchen backsplash. But now, with the popularity of larger tiles, people are putting them everywhere. They look great covering all of the walls in a bathroom, or just creating an interesting accent wall. Our tile installers at Handyman Hub can design a pattern of multiple colors that fits your interior design tastes, or choose more modern textured tiles to make a statement. Either way, tile installation throughout Denver and Boulder will be taking on a different look with Tile Trends 2017.

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