How Do I Find A Dependable, Honest Company to Do My Project?

How can I tell if a home improvement company is legitimate? This is the most important question to the overall success of your home project. If you select the wrong person or company, your project could be a long and painful process that may leave you with a poorly done job and without recourse. 

You may notice that we use the term ‘company’ when we refer to the people you hire for your project. We believe it is a safer bet for the homeowner to use a home improvement company as opposed to hiring an individual craftsman or general contractor for your project.


How is Hiring a Company A Better Option Than Hiring a Skilled Individual?

There are several reasons we recommend hiring a home repair company over an individual contractor. Let’s start by looking at a real example. The Taylors found a home contractor to remodel their bathroom. The craftsman seemed like a nice person – well dressed, well spoken, and knowledgeable. Also, his bid was considerably less than the other two bids the Taylors had received. He wrote up an agreement that they all signed it. The Taylors asked him to begin work the next day. 

craftsmen retiling kitchen backsplash in Colorado Springs Home

They agreed to pay the craftsman in stages of completion. The first payment was due after the initial tear-out. At this time, the craftsman asked for the first progress payment of $750 plus $2500 for the materials needed to complete the job. 

The Taylors gave the craftsman a check for $3250 and he left to pick up their materials. Two days passed without hearing back from him. Mrs. Taylor called the craftsman’s cell phone and left a voicemail message. A week later, they still had not heard back from him. 

Three weeks passed without a response from the craftsmen, despite the Taylors leaving multiple voicemail messages. Their next attempt to contact the craftsman was met with a message that the phone was no longer in service. The Taylors had no recourse and to make matters worse, they had a torn apart bathroom. 

TIP! If your only point of contact with your remodeler is a cell phone number, you may run into serious problems with losing contact with your craftsmen. It’s immensely helpful to get a second or third point of contact, which can be an email address, home or office address, website, office phone number, or all of the above.


Doing your Homework Will Save you Money and Frustration

Unfortunately, what happened to the Taylors is all too common. Shady craftsmen take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. The possibility of losing large sums of money or even ending up with your home in disarray is too risky, which is why is pays to the take the time to find a good, honest home repair company.

Imagine that the stranger you invite into your home could steal your valuables or hurt someone in your family. Unfortunately, this can happen to, which is why it’s doubly important you make smart decisions when choosing home improvement experts. 

The point here is not to scare you but to underscore the importance of knowing who you are inviting into your home. Doing research on the matter is crucial. When looking for someone to repair or remodel your home, take time to determine that the company you hire is a real company. Here are some important considerations. 

Craftsmen Company Homework – Checklist

A company that has roots in the community 

A company that carries insurance and guarantees their work 

A company that you can contact even if the remodeler himself is not available 

References – If a remodeler cannot give you 5 or 6 references, don’t consider working with them.

References that give positive reports (Tip: Always check any references given!)

Membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

A current insurance certificate — If they do show you a certificate, feel free to call the company to ensure its legitimacy.


A written, one-year warranty of their work 


Furthermore, doing this background work is the most important step in getting your project done correctly. There are good independent craftsmen out there but if you are considering using one, don’t skimp on doing some solid research. Also make sure to find their home address so that you can still contact them if they lose their cell phone. 

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Price is an important consideration, of course, but it cannot be you only consideration. The Taylors thought they were getting a good deal, but in the end, they ended up paying considerably more. Not only did they lose money on materials that were never recovered and have to suffer through days or weeks with a torn-up bathroom, they also had to hire someone new to start the process from the ground up.

Handyman Hub is a Trusted Home Improvement Company

Here at Handyman Hub, we guarantee all our work for one year after your project is completed. We’ve also been a trusted name in the community for several years, and we promise you’ll never have to deal with craftsmen who disappear on the job. 

Reach out to our team at 303-427-2955 for home improvement and repair services in the Denver, Boulder, Westminster, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins areas. We also provide handyman services in Salt Lake City, Utah and San Antonio, Texas, and we’re coming soon to the Austin area!