It’s human nature to procrastinate, no question about it, and most of it is perfectly harmless.  But when you put off the maintenance stuff around the house it can cost you money.

For example, that slow leak around the toilet may just be a leaky wax ring that would probably cost you less than a hundred dollars to replace this week.

Why would it cost more to replace the wax ring next week or next month or next year, you ask? Well, the replacing of the wax ring will probably cost about the same, but now what other damage has been done by the water?

If that wax ring has been leaking for more than a few weeks you can bet it is doing damage to your home.

The plywood sub floor below the tile or linoleum may have been wet for a long time.  Wood that stays wet rots, even in just a couple months.  The subfloor has possibly rotted to the point of needing to be replaced.  Now we’re talking some serious money.

If you did not want to spend the money to replace the wax ring you really won’t want to spend the money to repair the damage.

So now the job that was just a wax ring replacement has turned into a complete floor replacement in the damaged area. This would probably consists of removing the toilets, and perhaps the vanity.

Next the tile or lino must be removed to expose the subfloor. Then the damaged part of the subfloor must be cut out and replaced.  (Hopefully there is no damage to the floor joists below)

Now instead of a one hundred dollar maintainance job to replace the wax ring you have what could cost anywhere from five or six hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars or more.

The important point here is this; if you notice a leak in your home, no matter how small,

A toilet leak caused the floor to rot and need replacing. Spinorinfo

A toilet leak caused the floor to rot and need replacing. Spinorinfo

get it fixed.  Water causes more damage to homes than any other single deferred maintenance issue. The damage the water is doing that you can’t see is probably a lot more than what you can see.

Putting off home maintenance can get very expensive. If you are a DIY kind of person, go for it.  If you are not, you should hire someone to take care of these issues.

The fact is it will probably never cost less than it will cost today to take care of maintenance issues around the house. But there is a very chance that putting them off could cost a lot more.

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