Molding Installation, Trim Installation, Not the Same but Similar Benefits

Crown molding and trim installation, what’s the difference? Many homeowners use these terms interchangeably. There is, however, a slight difference in these two components of home improvements.

Crown molding is a type of trim, specifically characterized as being more elaborate and decorative in physical appearance. Trim refers to the general material used to frame windows, doors and at intersections of walls and floors or ceilings. Trim is also used for chair railing that you may see vertically lining the middle of the wall.

While most can typically understand what you’re referring to, it’s good to know which one you want for your home. For instance, we break down the benefits of each below. 

Improve Every Room with Quality Crown Molding and Trim Installation

Trim is great for sealing a feature of the space and therefore gives the room a completed look. Trim turns a 4 walled box into a home because it gives the visual satisfaction of marking the end of the opening or the seal of an intersection.

Regarding crown modeling, like decorations on a cake, installing crown moldings around your room will “top it off.” Specifically, creating an elegant finishing touch to your ceilings and a feeling of depth and structure will set the area apart from an average household.

With the right moldings installed, your room can look taller and more refined. Talk to an expert craftsman at Handyman Hub and we can help determine the best trim design for the room. Trim installation will improve your area and simultaneously improve your satisfaction with your space and increase your home value.

Labor includes filling nail holes, sealing joints, getting the right size and cutting the correct angles for corners can certainly be particularly frustrating. Trim can be a tedious project, so we don’t recommend DIY-ing it – let Handyman Hub do the work for you!

In addition, we offer trim and molding repair services to improve your space too!

Handyman Hub is Here to Help You With Your Trim and Molding Needs!

At Handyman Hub, we take the worry out of your home improvement project. With us, you get a trustworthy craftsman and an excellent finished product at a fair price.  

With Handyman Hub, you will not have a parade of strangers coming into your home because we are usually able to complete your home project with just one talented craftsmen. We provide top quality service and a high end product built by one of our talented craftsmen at Handyman Hub. All of our multi-skilled handymen have many years of experience, with an average of over 20 years in the home repair and remodeling business.

Additionally, we never mark up materials, but other service providers will. Using Handyman Hub will save you 20-30% in costs compared to usual contractor price premiums.

Above all, we stand by our work and offer a 1 year guarantee. Handyman Hub will repair any defects in workmanship free of charge during this time period.

Handyman Hub is your home improvement solution.

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