Lighting is the single most dramatic change you can make to your home at the most affordable price. Yes, at a cost even less than painting a room.

Just by replacing the lighting fixture in say, your bathroom, the room can take on a whole new look. And the best part is you do not have to spend a fortune on lighting.

If you Google ‘interior lighting” you will be treated to potentially thousands of lighting fixtures. Fixtures for every taste from contemporary to old work to full on outrageous.

One source for lighting we like is Lamps Plus,  most home improvement stores also have a wide variety of populars styles in stock.

Stylish Wall Light

Stylish Wall Light

Of course then you have to have the old one taken down and the new one installed.  That is not very expensive either.  Of course situations vary but our guesstimate to change out most standard lighting fixtures is under a hundred dollars.

In fact once a craftsman is at your home to replace the first one, replacing 2 or 3 more would not add that much to the price.

You don’t have to do a full on bathroom remodel to get a fresh new look. Just replace the lighting fixture and see what happens.

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