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tile contractors in aurora coloradoHandyman Hub is your tile flooring solution! Tile installation and tile repair have gotten easier and much less expensive.

It wasn’t that long ago that your choice of tile flooring and wall tile in Colorado was very limited and pretty expensive. Today, thanks to modern technology, you can purchase tile which may have cost $8-$10 a square foot just a few years ago for just $2-$4 a square foot today. And now there are literally thousands of styles and patterns to choose from. Our Denver and Colorado Springs tile installation and repair experts will help you from start to finish.

We make it easy for you and take the worry our of your updating  project and you will not have a parade of strangers coming into your home.

Most of the time we are able to do your projects with just one talented craftsman. All of our multitalented craftsmen  have many years of experience, averaging over 20 years in the home repair and remodeling business.

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